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820 Colonial Ave
Norfolk, VA, 23507
United States

(757) 625-1697


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Check out our video from The Urban Renewal Center’s Gentrification Forum


A short history of how neighborhoods became segregated nationally, and in Norfolk, Virginia. Part of the Urban Renewal Center's forum on Gentrification that took place in Norfolk, Virginia on August 22nd, 2019.


Everything that can be said in 211 Words

“Seeking Christ; Sharing His Love” is our vision.  It’s all about a relationship – with Jesus, with His Church, with each other, with His world. As an incarnational community, all that we do seeks to offer access to Christ. We truly believe that, through His Resurrection, we can experience transformed lives.  This is why we focus not on programs but on spiritual growth and believe prayer and practice, when done in faithfulness, changes things. His grace, love, compassion and generosity mean the least, last, lost and lame are worthy of His life and our service. Words like biblical, Reformed and evangelical are compliments to us, as are growing, international and intergenerational. Called to be an inviting multiplying community, we seek to share the Good News of forgiveness and new life with more and more. How do we live into all of this? Our more than 3,500 adults, children, and affiliate partners embrace the call to form a circle holding hands looking outward.  In the world but not of it, from our sanctuaries to our city’s slums, isolated villages of Latin America and African hospitals, from our classrooms to boardrooms, from the heart of a brand new believer to the eternal cloud of witnesses, you’ll find us everywhere – seeking Christ and sharing His love!  

First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk

820 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk VA 23507