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2/28 Congregation Meeting Update

2/28/16 Congregational meeting: Executive Associate Pastor Nominating Committee Update 

Two years ago in 2014, our FPC leadership began to plan for the expected transition of our associate pastor, Jim Gates. As a result, our congregation elected a pastor nominating committee, tasked with searching for an associate pastor with executive, administrative, and leadership responsibilities. I and six other members of the Church are humbled to serve on this committee. We have been actively engaged in the process, working within our denomination guidelines for 18 months. While we have been and remain excited about the work that Christ will do within our congregation in calling a new associate pastor to work alongside Jim Wood and Valena Hoy, we have - no date- not identified that person.

In January, our Session, at their annual planning retreat, asked our committee to pause our search for the next few months for the following two reasons: so that the Session could prayerfully review the larger staff model which equips our FPC ministries; and also due to the health concerns the Wood family is facing. Both Jim, Valena and the pastor nominating committee are al in agreement and supportive of temporarily suspending our search. In the meantime, our staffing needs will be addressed with interim solutions.

Once the Session is ready for our committee to reconvene, we will fully reengage. We ask for your prayers during this exciting time. Thank you.

-Taze Taylor