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Clearness Committee

So many of us struggle with questions and challenges in our Christian walk.  We face many choices and decisions.

How are we to know the path we are supposed to follow?  How can we discern God’s call for our lives?  Frequently we feel lonely or unable to move forward in the discernment process.

Whatever your question might be, a Clearness Committee might be a way of discernment for you.  A Clearness Committee is a group of 5 or 6 people of your choice whom your trust and who have the gift of discernment.  The function of the committee is not to fix people or give advice, but to help people find the divine call that is within them.  Rooted in the conviction that each of us has the light of Christ dwelling within us, the clearness committee can help people discover their own God given leadings and callings through listening, praying and questioning.

If you have a question that you think a Clearness Committee might help you with, please contact Valena Hoy.