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Dunamis Prayer Ministry

In the fall of 2012, seventeen people from our congregation attended a retreat on the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.   During this training, many of us felt that God was calling us to intercede for the congregation and worship leaders during each worship service. 
Since the Lenten season of 2013, we have been obedient to God’s call and have intercessory prayer teams praying before, during and after each service.  The purpose of these prayer teams will be to intercede for the service, the worship leaders and the congregation. 

Additionally, our trained prayer team members are be available to offer intercessory prayers for individuals after each worship service.

Individual Prayer Ministry

For people who would like a more private time of prayer, we have trained teams available to pray with and for you. Additionally, we have trained prayer ministers who are available to  pray with you for healing or the remittance of pain.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

During our mission trip to Kenya, we bought some Kenyan wraps.  These colorful shawls are used by the Kenyans to carry small children and other important items.  Many times, I have noticed that a child is instantly calmed when he is placed in this cloth and wrapped tightly to his mother. 

Our hope is that when these shawls are placed around someone’s shoulders, they will remember that God loves them and He will carry them through whatever circumstances they are currently enduring.
Our prayer is that these shawls will serve as a tangible reminder that God “tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arm and carries them close to his heart.” (Isaiah 40:11)

To receive a shawl, you may come forward at the end of our worship services.

For more information about the Dunamis prayer ministry, contact Kristine Rand.