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820 Colonial Ave
Norfolk, VA, 23507
United States

(757) 625-1697


Giving FAQs

Question: Who do I contact at First Presbyterian Church (FPC) for information about the various ways to give?

Answer: Linda Davenport at (757) 625-1697 or Jim Thomasson at (757) 615-3705.

Question: How late in the year can I make a donation and still receive a credit for this year's taxes? 

Answer: Per IRS regulations, contributions for each year must be received or postmarked by December 31 of that year in order to receive donation credit for that year's tax purposes. Please submit your online, mailed, or in-person donation accordingly.  We will work with you.

Question: How do I make traditional contributions?

Answer: If you plan to make a cash, check, or credit card donation on New Year’s Eve to any of the First Presbyterian ministries, please know that the church will be open until 2:00 pm.  There will be someone at the Welcome Desk to secure your gift.  If you plan to make your donation after 2:00 pm, please call the Business and Finance Director, Jim Thomasson, at (757) 615-3705 for special arrangements.  Our business office will ensure that your 2016 contribution statement reflects any year end-giving.

Question: What are some other methods of giving?

Answer: Visit our Website at for information on how make a donation at any time.

Questions: Besides cash, are there other assets to consider as donations?

Answer: Yes.  Stocks and bonds are viable assets to consider as donations.  In many cases, there are tax advantages that make stocks and bonds donations very attractive. 

Question: How do I donate stocks or bonds?

Answer: In order to transfer a stock donation to the FPC account, you will need to contact your broker and provide them with the following DTC transfer instructions:

Receiving firm: BB&T Scott & Stringfellow
DTC # 0702
Receiving Account: First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk
Account # 3384-6165

Please ask that your broker include your name on the transfer and indicate for what area or purpose you would like to earmark the funds. Please contact Linda Davenport at or 757-625-1697 if you have any questions. 

Question: Why do people make year-end donations with non-traditional assets?

Answer: At any specific moment, one may have unique assets that are more valuable as a donation than as a holding:

1.    Idle assets, such as a paid-up life insurance policy, no longer needed.
2.    Depreciated real estate
3.    Highly appreciated securities
4.    IRA distributed not required

Additional Giving Option

If you have reached age 70-1/2, you have the unique opportunity to be financially creative as the faithful servant.  Multiply your generosity by making a “qualifying charitable distribution” of up to $100,000 directly to FPC from your traditional or Roth IRA.  This allows you to take full advantage of numerous tax benefits.  Learn more by contracting Jim Thomasson at (757) 615-3705.

For specific giving instructions, please go to one of the below links:

Online Giving

By Mail

Automatic Withdrawal

Stock + Bonds