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What If? The Blog

A King for the World

Valena Hoy

Today's Reading - Matthew 1-2

The Gospel of Matthew was placed first in the New Testament canon for a reason.  By the time the Church began to collect the books for the first official New Testament canon in the fourth century AD, it was the most popular and widely used Gospel.  This book, in all likelihood, is not the first Gospel to be written.  Most scholars believe that Mark was the first written.

The Gospel of Matthew gives prominence and a special role to Peter. It is also the most Jewish of the four canonical Gospels. The Gospel is a presentation of the story of Jesus and his followers viewed through the lens of a Jewish approach to the believing and spiritual life.  The story seeks to give not merely information or inspiration, but wisdom for believing and living a godly life and, as such, it lends itself to being used in spiritually formative ways.

As we read the first two chapters of Matthew, think on these questions:

How is the baby Jesus protected in these passages?

What is the role of spiritual obedience in these chapters?

Isn't it interesting that people from another region (not from Israel) recognize that there is a new king.  What does this say about King Jesus?  Could it be that Jesus came not only for the Jewish people, but for the world?

How will you live like Jesus today?

Now, put down your Bible and go do it!

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