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What If? The Blog

Is He Asleep in the Boat?

Mary Vinson

Today's Reading - Matthew 8-9:8

Matthew 8:23-27 is one of my favorite bible passages.   It reminds me that even the disciples who walked with Jesus and saw his miracles first hand still found it difficult to be 100% faith filled all the time. The disciples have been with him and seen him perform physical miracles but they still lack faith.  This comforts me.  How about you?

The story doesn’t tell us exactly which disciples were in the boat, but we can assume that some of them were seasoned fishermen as these are the only ones called by Jesus thus far in Matthew. They were probably used to storms while going about their daily way of life, but this storm for some reason was very different.   How could it not have been when it made them so fearful?   The text tells us it made them scared and feeling like they were going to drown. “Without warning, a furious storm came up on the lake so that the waves swept up over the boat, but Jesus was sleeping”.  When they called out to him in fear, “He replied, You of Little Faith, why are you so afraid?   Then he got up and rebuked the wind and the waves and it was completely calm.”  Jesus proved to be fully in charge of the situation, by his own authority. The disciples’ faith was weak but they knew to call out to Jesus and he rescued them. 

If Jesus was able to rescue the apostles from the storm, he is able to rescue us from the storms of life we face every day.  I have to remind myself daily that he never promised us we wouldn’t face the storms, he just promised he would be with us through them.   There are times in our life when we feel like we are being buffeted.  It might be an illness, a loss of someone close to us, the loss of a job, a financial crisis, heck, all of the above!   Sometimes we feel like Jesus is asleep in the boat but the scriptures give us comfort as they tell us he has called us by name.  We are his and he is with us. 

Today's questions:

What storms are you facing in life today?

Are there areas of your life that you feel just can’t be worked out?

Have you asked Jesus for his help?

Start there!  

Ok, put down the Bible and go do it!

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