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What If? The Blog

Do You Expect Me to Believe This?

Jordan Crouthamel

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Today’s Reading – Luke 1-2

Today’s reading is a whopper. We open up Luke’s gospel and he takes us on a rollercoaster right from the start. Luke 1 prophesies the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, and Luke 2 tells us just about everything we know about Christ from birth to age 30. So make sure you pay attention to these as they are foundational to our knowledge of Jesus. Luke 1 also has 80 verses so I encourage you to take a quick coffee break between chapters today!

Luke 1 is where I’ll focus most today; there is just so much great stuff in this passage! Starting in vs. 5 we are shown the prophesy from the angel Gabriel to the priest Zechariah telling him of his soon to be born son John, known to us as John the Baptist, or more affectionately, the funny dressing guy who eats locusts and baptizes Jesus. In this verse, that child is little more than a pie in the sky wish and long unanswered prayer of two parents much too old to have children. As the angel prophesies, Zechariah speaks out in doubt asking “How shall I know this?” In another version, “Do you expect me to believe this?” In punishment he is made mute until the naming of his son in vs. 64.

When he is finally free to speak, he is used to prophecy. The words he yearns to share express that there’s something special about his son and ultimately the savior John will tell the world about! Quite the way to regain your voice if you ask me!

Are you noticing a theme here? God is in the business of giving us chances to see the miraculous in our own lives in places we have given up hope or haven’t ever dreamed. He gives children to barren women (Gen. 17 Sarah, 1 Sam. 1 Hannah), He gives a virgin the responsibility to bear a child who’s going to be the savior of the world, and He saves the world through a baby born in a feeding trough.

Today’s questions:

What prayers have you stopped believing could be answered?

Where have you given up hope?

How are you going to start voicing those prayers in renewed hope today?

OK, put down the Bible and go do it!

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