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What If? The Blog

Ask, Seek, Knock

Jordan Crouthamel

Today's Reading - Luke 11-12

On Thursday, I sat in a service and was challenged by a single idea that was repeated over and over again. God isn’t a tease, He doesn’t just ask for us to tell him about what we need so that He can know and do nothing about it. This passage tells us that if we ask for a fish He won’t give us a snake! I can already hear the sighs of relief from those of you who are not too friendly with our slimy, slithering friends.

The passage includes three commandments in our interaction with the Father. Ask, seek, and knock. He tells us that if we are faithful to do these things that the doors will be opened, the one being sought will be found, and that what is asked for will be given. It’s not some magic formula and God is no genie. He is simply stating that He knows you in the deepest sense and cares about your needs and desires even more than you can. He wants us to ask of Him. He wants us to seek to find Him. He wants us to knock on His front door.

He wants us to do these things because He knows that these are the things He created us for! You are made to be answered, found, and invited in by God Himself. Relish in that fact today and see how it changes your approach to prayer and your relationship with Him! You are a child of God and he desires to know you better today! I challenge you today to do as the passage says and ask, seek, and knock!


What do I need to ask God for today?

Where or in what situation do I need to seek to find God in today?

What doors has God put in front of me today that, if I knock, will be thrown open?

Ok, put down the Bible and go do it!

by Jordan Crouthamel

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