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What If? The Blog

The Yeast of the Word

Laura Arana

Today's Reading - Luke 13

I grew up in the restaurant business.  My parents owned Italian restaurants in Orlando; and one of my favorite memories is going with my father early in the morning to make bread.  I would pull up a stool and sit right next to the giant mixing machine and watch my dad.  Now, he never measured a thing, never even used a measuring instrument, he just would put all the ingredients in in the same exact order every day.   We aren’t talking about a little bit of flour; he used 30 pounds of flour to make the bread.  In order to make nice hearty Italian bread that is crusty on the outside but soft and airy on the inside, you need yeast.  Yeast is what makes the dough rise.  I knew the exact time he would add the yeast as yeast has a very distinct odor.  The yeast was crucial to the process, as a matter of fact, the more yeast you add the faster the dough will rise.  Even with the yeast, the dough still needs time to rise.

In Luke 13: 20-21, Jesus compares the “kingdom of God” to yeast.  This phrase, “the kingdom of God” is used through out the gospels (Matthew uses “the kingdom of heaven”) and it is central to Jesus’ teachings.  The Kingdom of God is the establishment of God’s rule in our hearts and lives.  As we allow the “yeast” of the Word to permeate our lives we will grow in Christ.  As we study and pray and commune with others we are growing.  I think Jesus compared His kingdom to yeast because He knew the yeast took its time to make the dough rise.  In this world of instant gratification, we need to remember that we can only grow in Christ in time.  It’s a daily process but not without the result, as we will rise!

What started out as just a sack of useless flour on its own has now grown into something delicious and worth sharing!

Have you allowed Christ to rule in your heart?

Are you growing daily in Christ?

Who can you share the “Bread of Life” with today?

Ok, put down the Bible and go do it!

by Laura Arana

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