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What If? The Blog

The Ins and Outs of Miracles

Sheryl Wood

Today's Reading: Mark 5:21-6:29

Today’s reading takes us in and out of the performing of miracles.

The Ins of Miracles:

Jairus called for Jesus: Come and save my daughter!  Jesus was not on time, or at least Jairus’ time, and it appeared his daughter had died. Jesus arrives and simply says she is sleeping and the daughter awakes.  The people see for themselves and believe.

In the same community a woman that had been bleeding for ten years shows an extraordinary faith.  She bows and reaches for the hem of Jesus’ garment.  Jesus feels power being released from him.  A miracle like not many others.  She is cleansed and healed.

The Outs of Miracles:

We travel with Jesus to his hometown.  He receives no respect and is really treated like a little kid.  Their lack of faith amazes him and he can’t perform many miracles. So sad how families and friends sometime miss out on miracles because they have no faith.

The Ins and Outs of Miracles:

So what about miracles through us? Jesus told his disciples to take just the clothes on their backs and go to driving out demons and anointing sick people and healing them.  And they did! Are we his disciples today?  Are you a disciple? Do you see yourself going on Jesus’ adventure?

And finally we see testimony to the largest miracle of all: John the Baptist right after Jesus tells the disciples to go.  Where could we end up?  Are we ready to die for our Savior?  Do we believe in the miracle of salvation for us?

Questions for Today:

Would you be able to find the hem of Christ’s garment?

Are you willing to accept miracles from Jesus?

Do you believe you are called to perform miracles?

Would you die for your Savior?

Ok, put the Bible down and go do it!

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