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What If? The Blog

"It's All About Me!"

Jordan Crouthamel

Today's Reading - John 5-6

In our reading today we see a couple different stories. First, we see the story of the man lying by the pool of Bethesda and then the feeding of the five thousand. These two stories seem really different and they definitely are. One deals with healing, another with feeding. Yet, one common trend can be seen after both stories: the reaction of the people around the miracles.

After Jesus heals the man at the pool, he does as Jesus tells him and picks up his bed and walks. As he is walking the Pharisees stop him and ask why he carries his bed on the Sabbath, asking who told him to do this. The man can’t even answer as Jesus hid himself after healing him, but upon seeing Jesus again later, he tells the Pharisees who healed him. They at once become infuriated and question Jesus. After explaining that he does the work of his Father, who is the God of the Sabbath, you would think these men who should know God would realize their mistake, but somehow they do not believe and Jesus states something that applies to us today, “You search the Scripture because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me.”  

How many times do we, as one version states, “miss the forest for the trees.” The people after the feeding of the five thousand do the same thing. They want more bread, they want more signs; they don’t really want Jesus at all. They are just there for a show, they never truly believed, and all the while, Jesus is screaming, “These Scriptures are all about me!”

We study Scripture, but we don’t pray. We come to church, but we don’t actually worship. We say we love God, but we don’t listen to hear him saying he loves us back. All the while Jesus stands before us constantly screaming,  “it’s all about me!”  It’s time today we all started to realize why we have been given the Word of God. There’s something huge behind all this church stuff we do and Scripture we read, but it’s not hiding! It’s God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and they’re all screaming, “IT’S ALL ABOUT US!” It’s time we started to see the forest and the trees of our faith. It’s all about God. It always has been. It always will be. I challenge us today to start acting like it.

 When was the last time you asked God to let you see him in your time of Bible study?

When was the last time you really gave all of yourself in worship?

When was the last time you expected to hear something back as you prayed?

Folks, It’s all about Him. He’s jealous for your attention today,

Now put your Bible down and go do it!

by Jordan Crouthamel

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