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What If? The Blog

What If You Could Change Your Ending?

Ashley Buehler

Today's Reading - Mark 15:1-47

This chapter is one of the hardest for me to read and I usually want to skip it.  Experiencing the fully human emotions of pain at being beaten; shame and anger at being mocked; Jesus could have stopped it all. This is the same (fully God) Jesus who expels demons, commands the weather, reverses illnesses, and raises the dead. 

Knowing what He is capable of makes me want to shout, "STOP IT!! Come on, Jesus. Wipe these guys out!!" All it would have taken was one spoken word, but Jesus wanted to change the ending... our ending. His acceptance of torture and death, allowed His triumph over death in His resurrection. It changed our end from permanent separation from God to eternal life for everyone in His Name. 

What if we could change the ending to our individual stories?  I'm not saying we all have to be martyrs in order to glorify God. But we are all avoiding, not accepting, or fighting against something which, if we would accept it, would lead to closure, healing, or triumph.  Christ's death gives us the unique opportunity for full redemption. So what if we chose to take it?

When I examine my heart, what things do I need Christ to resurrect and renew?  What do I need to give over to him?

If this were my last week, how could I offer peace to others with my acceptance?

How can people who briefly encounter me, also encounter Christ?

Ok, put your Bible down and live this week like it was the last.

by Ashley Buehler


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