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What If? The Blog

What if…God really isn't done?

Josh Vaughan

Today's Reading - John 15:26- 16:15

These verses come only two chapters before the betrayal of Christ. Knowing this, He begins to prepare His disciples for His imminent departure and eventual ascension back to the Father. His goal here is let those closet to Him know that even though He personally is leaving them, they will not be alone. Jesus mentions that the disciples are upset about the fact that He is saying that He is leaving them because they do not understand that He has to leave in order to make way for what is to come. He is going to leave them and in His place we will receive “The Advocate”. This “Advocate” that Christ is referring to of course is the Holy Spirit.

Verse 12 is one of the most powerful, and promising verses in this section. It says: “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear.” What an awesome statement made by the living Savior of all of mankind. This verse means that Jesus not only has plans to continue telling us things after He is no longer physically here, but it goes as far as to say that He has “much more” to say to us.

Christ tells us in these verses that if we follow the Holy Spirit then He will guide us “into all the truth”. This is a very telling statement about relying on the power of the Holy both for salvation, and for daily direction. Lastly, Jesus finishes by claiming His position as part of the God-head, thus giving further credence to all that He has said and done in His earthly ministry. Not a bad thing to be able to put on a resume huh? He lets us know that He is the physical man who lives among them as part of the triune God. Wow, what a big God we serve!

Are we ever too distracted by our own losses or circumstances in the present to be aware of how God wants to bless us, or how He wants to use us in the future?

Do we ever fall into the dangerous trap of believing that God has nothing left to say to us or teach us?

Do we let our lives be truly lead by the Holy Spirit, or do like to pretend as if we are in control?

If we knew we only had one week left, would we be able to surrender control to a God who has our best and His glory in mind?

Ok put the Bible down and live this week like it was the last!

by Josh Vaughan

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