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What If? The Blog

By What Authority Are You Doing These Things?

Valena Hoy

Today's Reading - Matthew 21:23-46

Jesus did not speak like the religious leaders of his time.  The chief priest, elders and Pharisees were troubled by Jesus’ popularity and, I assume, were very threatened by his teaching.  I can see the chief priest, elders and Pharisees huddled together…trying to find a way to trick him, to stump him, to humiliate him.  

Jesus turns the tables on them with a question.  He traps them in their own game. Jesus has them reflect on John (the Baptist)…for in evaluating John they evaluate Jesus.  These religious leaders regroup and calculate attempts to answer the question Jesus asked them. Their concern is focused on what the people will think of their answer.  They are not as concerned about answering with the truth.

Jesus attacks the leaders (not all of Israel) with three parables that expose their greed and unjust behavior.  

With questions, Jesus exposes the leaders.  He exposes their motives and their hearts.  It’s not a pretty picture, is it?!

For Jesus, action is crucial, not empty words.

Questions for thought and action:

What question do you have for Jesus?  Could he expose your motives with a question in return?

Do you think more about how people will respond to you or are you more interested in speaking the truth?

What have you learned from Jesus today through this reading?

OK, put your Bible down and live this week like it was the last!

by Valena Hoy

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