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What If? The Blog

Do As I Say, Not As I Do!?!?

Valena Hoy

Today’s Reading – Matthew 23

Jesus’ attack on the leaders of Israel is relentless.  He charges them with hypocrisy and insincerity.  On the surface these leaders “looked” devoted to the Lord and his laws but inside they lacked devotion and faith. 

These leaders were performing external rituals without first cleansing the heart. They were giving blind guidance.  They were absurdly regarding lesser oaths as binding while regarding greater oaths as not binding. How confusing to the people that followed their lead!

This vitriolic attack on the leaders of Israel, I assume, was not taken with humility and gentleness. We can read these words and say, “You preach it, Jesus!”  “Tell those religious leaders how hypocritical they are!”  “Get’em, Jesus!”

Just remember, Jesus longs for his disciples to truly practice what they preach.  He expects us to not only speak the truth, but live the truth…even when no one is watching.

Some questions for reflection:

How do your actions match your words and promises?

Do you practice what you preach?  How would your spouse, children, friends and co-workers respond to this question on your behalf?

OK, put your Bible down and live this week like it was the last!

by Valena Hoy

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