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What If? The Blog

Finding the Lost

Jennifer Giblin


Think back to a time when you lost something important.  What was it?  What did you do to find it?  For me, the lost item was my Social Security Card.  To find it I first looked everywhere I kept an important document…to no avail.  Then, I took a step back and tried to think of the last time I used it.  What did I have on me at that time and why did I need my card?  This led me to look in the pocket of a notebook I had not used in over a year.  Sure enough, there it was, right where I apparently had left it.  Why was finding this document so important to me?  I was getting everything together to get my Virginia driver’s license, one of the steps required to qualify for in-state tuition at Old Dominion University.

 A quick glance at the headings of the three parables in the chapter is all it takes to understand why I opened this post with a story about searching for something that I lost.  The main character in the first two parables does everything he/she can to find what was lost.  The father in the third parable does not go after his lost son, who obviously does not want to be found (come home), unless the choice is his own.  All the father can do is play the waiting game and hope his younger son comes home.  As we know from reading the passage, the younger son does in fact come home.

What do the shepherd, the woman, and the father have in common?  First off, they all lost something.  More importantly, however, is they all represent God.  God searches for us when we go astray because, as His sending us His son to die on the cross for us shows, He will do anything to see to it that we are found.  Verses 7 and 10 solidify this because, as verse 7 states, “there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

In essence, then, I am like my Social Security Card…an entity that at one point was lost and whose discovery caused rejoicing.  However, when we look at the reward gained from each entity being found, eternal life versus in-state tuition, one pales in comparison to the other.  Yes, in-state tuition is nice, but I hope I am not in school for an eternity (although it feels like I have been).

Today’s Questions 

How did you feel one time when you found something important you lost?

How does knowledge of Jesus’s sacrifice for us affect the choices you make?

What can you do to help others be found?

Ok, put down the Bible and go do it!

by Jennifer Giblin

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