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What If? The Blog

The Condition of Your Heart

Mary Vinson

Today’s Reading Luke 21:1-4    

Our reading today gives us the familiar story of the widow’s mite.  A lot of people think this story is about giving.   I think it’s more about the condition of our hearts.  Notice in the picture above, how the other people aren’t even looking at the widow.  They are ignoring her and her needs perhaps.  Jesus calls the disciples' attention to the widow saying that she gave all she had to the Lord.  Verse 2 shows us that this woman was destitute. Not only was she poor, she was a widow, which meant she had no means of support in that day and age.  The two small copper coins were of little value in the grand scheme of gifts that were being given in the Temple that day. .

In Verse 3, Jesus compares her gift, not just to the gifts of the rich, but to all gifts given, and he considers hers the greatest of all.  In verse 4 Jesus explains why he considers her gift to be the greatest.  Others there gave out of their abundance yet she worships by giving all she had. His teaching here is one of proportion. Money was important to her.  She depended on it for rent, for prescriptions, for food. I think she gave away her money however because she understood that we are all poor no matter how much we have at our disposal. She knew that her monetary resources were God’s and that she was merely entrusted with them.

Do we treat our resources in this way?  If Jesus were to use our giving patterns as a teaching for others, would it be an example of what not to do? Or would it be one that demonstrated joyful, generous giving?  Are we attentive to the needs of the poor and needy around us?  Are we doing all we can?

The widow gave her very life, showing her deep trust in God. I think the difference between her and the others in the story is the difference in their hearts.  Where is your heart today?

Where am I giving from and what am I holding back?  

Am I attentive to the needs around me?

How can I be more generous with my money, my time, with all my resources?

Ok put down your Bible and live this week as if it were your last!

by Mary Vinson

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