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What If? The Blog

Sir, We Wish To See Jesus

Jordan Crouthamel

In our reading today, one of my favorite phrases in all of Scripture is found. “Sir, we wish to see Jesus.” Some Greeks say this as they have come to worship for the feast in Jerusalem. Surely they had heard the crowds before crying Hosanna, and were now curious to see this anointed one who they have only heard stories about. They must have felt the wonder and excitement of a child who is waiting to see their favorite superhero or sports star.

It makes me wonder if I still get this way about Jesus. I remember when I was in high school and had a chance to meet two of my favorite basketball players. I was a freshman and Tyler Hansbrough and Danny Green were fresh off one of the best seasons in college basketball history. I am a HUGE North Carolina fan. Like they say in our fight song, I’m a Tar Heel born, I’m a Tar Heel bred, and when I die I’ll be Tar Heel dead. So, on this Saturday I was at a Carolina football game and walked down to the field to watch warm-ups before the game. To my surprise Tyler and Danny walked up close to where I was standing to be introduced on the field before the game, and I seized my chance. I walked up and shook hands and got my copy of The Daily Tar Heel signed by my heroes. It was a great day.

Do I feel that way about Jesus? I know he is always with me, but do I always want to see him? The answer is probably no. I wish I could say yes, that I am always praying for eyes to see him in all that I do, but most of the time I am too distracted or busy. Today, I am challenged to have the same excitement that these Greeks had; the same excitement I had over meeting my favorite players. I want to be somebody whose prayer is constantly, “I wish to see Jesus.” I challenge you to check yourself and see if this is your prayer as well. Are you still excited to hear his name? Are you still wishing to see him all day, every day? Today, you can catch that flame again. Pray that the Lord would give you eyes to see and a heart that desires Jesus today, and I guarantee your life will be better for it.

When is the last time you were excited to hear the name of Jesus?

When was the last time you prayed to see Jesus in your day?

When will you pray today to see him?

Ok put down the Bible and live this week like it was your last!

by Jordan Crouthamel

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