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What If? The Blog

What Has God Put Before You Today?

Jordan Crouthamel

I’m not going to lie, when I think of someone pouring ointment on me, it doesn’t exactly sound pleasant. Here in the text today we are presented with the story of the woman anointing Jesus in Matthew 26. The text tells us nothing of the woman other than that she was a woman with a costly ointment in an alabaster container. Maybe this is because that is all we need to know about her. She seems to be a regular woman who recognizes the presence of Jesus.

She doesn’t give a speech or even have a word recorded, no response to the angry disciples or a word of encouragement for Jesus. She simply gives him what is probably her most expensive possession, most likely an heirloom that has been passed for generations. When she anoints Jesus, the disciples immediately reproach her and ask why she has wasted all this when it could have been sold and given to the poor. This is when the words of our Lord come to us, “There will always be poor among you, but you will not always have me.” This is a challenging statement as he speaks not only to disciples, but to us as well.

How many times do we forsake moments in front of us when Christ is calling us to honor him with our actions, and we look forward instead to our next volunteer day or Sunday worship. Jim spoke yesterday about the choice being in front of us each day and this is total confirmation. If it was your last week, would you refuse the presence of others? If today was your last, would you show honor to those in front of you or choose to keep waiting for the big moment of worship or service. Jesus stands before us today and asks us to look up from our calendars and upcoming opportunities and look into his eyes and see who we need to give our best today. Many people leave this world with alabaster jars intact and ointment that is waiting to be poured. Don’t leave anything on the floor today. Honor those in front of you, give everything to God, and pour out the best of your life onto whomever or whatever God has set before you today.

What situation or person has God put in front of you in the past that you should have given your best to?

What situation or person do you feel him calling you to give your best to right now?

What then, will you do differently today to give your best?

Ok, put down the Bible and live this week like it was the last!

by Jordan Crouthamel

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