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What If? The Blog

The Cure for Knock Down, Drag Out Loneliness

Becky Lyle Pinkard

Today's Reading - John 15:26-16:15

Have you ever felt alone? Like the kind of alone that happens when you feel like someone abandoned you? The kind of alone that hits you like a linebacker from the blindside, takes your breath away and takes your feet out from under you? That’s what Jesus was trying to prepare his disciples for. That’s the alone he knew they’d feel when he would offer himself for all of them and ultimately for me and you. See, Jesus knew that his guys wouldn’t get it. He’d been telling them all along that his going away wouldn’t be in vain. He would accomplish more in his death than he ever did in his life. He takes a second to make sure they hear, one last time, that even though they may feel alone the Spirit of truth will be there to testify witness about him.

The Holy Spirit gets a bad reputation sometimes when people use Him to make claims and push their own agendas, but if we paid attention we’d realize that he’s really here to, like vs. 13 says, “Lead us into all the truth.” Holy Spirit testifies to us that though we may feel like it sometimes, we’re never alone. When Jesus told his disciples about the Holy Spirit coming, he knew it would take them awhile to understand, but he knew that someday they’d understand when they felt most alone, hiding in a room waiting for something or someone to come.

The point is we don’t have to feel alone, because we have the Spirit. He came, just like He was promised. He dwells within you and is constantly speaking. So, if today you feel that knock down drag out loneliness, there is hope. That hope is already in you, working through you, and working for you. That hope is God in you, the Holy Spirit shaping, changing, revealing, and loving you. Take a second and let that soak in. You are loved; you don’t have to be scared because you are never alone.

When was the last time you listened to the Holy Spirit speaking to you?

When you feel alone today, how will you apply what this passage tells us?

How can you let the Holy Spirit work through you today to make someone feel not alone?

Ok put down the Bible and live this week like it was the last!

by Jordan Crouthamel

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