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What If? The Blog

Are You a Pilate?

Hunter Johnston

Today’s Reading- John 18:28- 19:16a

The scriptures in chapters eighteen and nineteen of the gospel of John cover the period where Jesus comes before Pilate, prior to His crucifixion.  He was brought to Pilate as a prisoner by Jewish leaders during Passover, all while they were taunting Him as “King of the Jews”.  In traditional Passover custom one prisoner was to be released.  A group that was gathered refused Pilate’s offer to release their “King” to them and they insisted on receiving a criminal, Barrabas, instead.  After that, Pilate took Jesus and flogged Him.  The soldiers put a crown of thorns on His head and cloaked Him in a purple robe, all while beating Him and continuing to mock Him as “King of the Jews”.  

Pilate came to the crowds once more telling them that Jesus was an innocent man.  Yet they refused to hear him and insisted Jesus be crucified.  Pilate offered Jesus to the crowd for them to crucify, because he knew Jesus wasn’t guilty.  Pilate continuously tried to convince the crowds to release Jesus, but they shouted at him and said that anyone claiming to be a king opposes Caesar. Finally, after the riotous crowd continued to harass Pilate, he handed Jesus over to them for crucifixion.

After reading and re-reading these passages, I continually go back to considering Pilate’s position as a Roman governor.  And it makes me think of all the ways in my life where I can be a “Pilate".  Times when I know what is right and just and yet I fall victim of social expectations and peer pressure.   Times when I know what is right, but I do the wrong thing anyway.  As a human who makes mistakes, I find myself in those scenarios quite often.   Especially in times where life is so crowded and chaotic that it’s much easier to make poor choices; when I don’t consciously seek the quiet and stillness where I find Christ and hear Him speaking to me most clearly.  

Are there places in your life where you find yourself to be a Pilate?

If so, how do you stop and seek Christ’s discernment for His will in your life?

What are some ways you clear the crowded chaos to hear Christ speaking more clearly in your life?

Okay, now put your Bible down and go live this week like it was your last!

by Hunter Johnston

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