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What If? The Blog

Would You Still Deny Me?

Laura Arana

Today's Reading - Matthew 26: 69-27:10

Denied, Denied, Denied.  This is the passage in which Peter denies Jesus three times.  As we read this we cant help but yell at Peter and say, “No, don’t do it!”  We can read his regret a few verses later and want to spare him from this terrible mistake that I am sure haunts him for a long time.  We have grown to love Peter and up to this point, many of us can really identify with him.  OR is it that because of this moment, we can identify with him even more?  The truth of these 6 verses (26: 69-75), of Peter’s denial, hits home for so many of us.  We want to believe that as Jesus’ close follower, as the gregarious and highly opinionated person that we are, I mean, that Peter is- that he and we would stand up and say, “Yes I am a follower of Christ”, but do we? How many times in conversations with others do we deny our faith?  Maybe not by saying, “I don’t know the man”; but maybe it is more deceptive, like being a part of a conversation that we know we should not.  How many times have we closed our eyes to things of this world because we want to be “easy going” or amicable?  I am ashamed to say it happens to me more than I care to admit.  The Christ living in me wants to shout from the rooftops that I AM A CHRISTIAN, I LOVE JESUS CHRIST! But so many times my actions do not convey my intentions, my Christ-self. 

This is not the end of Peter’s story.  Peter bounces back from this like a bat flying out of Sheol.  He becomes that Rock that Jesus needs to build his church.  Peter receives the gift of forgiveness from Christ and he accepts it.  He does not let his past denial define him.  He becomes so much more than the man who denied the Christ.  He becomes a biblical hero for many of us.  He becomes the man who is relentless in bringing others into the Kingdom.  Peter’s story can be your story; I am praying it becomes mine. 

What do you need to accept Christ’s forgiveness for and let go?

How can your actions and your heart be connected?

Who can you invite to church this week that needs to experience the love and forgiveness of Christ?

Ok put down the Bible and live this week like it was the last!

by Laura Arana

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