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820 Colonial Ave
Norfolk, VA, 23507
United States

(757) 625-1697


Our Story

Where Have We Been?

Founded as the “Church on the Elizabeth River”, First Presbyterian Church began its history in Hampton Roads nearly one hundred years before the birth of our nation, sometime before 1678. Since that time, our church has remained a beacon of His light in the community.

To learn more about this rich history, explore the links below. They will carry you back to times long ago when the yellow fever epidemic brought the church close to desolation, when the War Between the States saw our pastor forbidden from the pulpit and imprisoned. Through times of prosperity interspersed with times of great suffering, ours is a deep and layered past. We invite you to step into our story.

Where Are We Headed?

In October of 2012, our session shared a five-year plan, ‘FPC’s 2012 Vision & Goals,’ with the congregation.  That plan included nine goals for the church - sharing the vision, spiritual growth, worship attendance, membership growth, small groups, children and youth ministries, evangelism, missions, and stewardship. 

Explore our Vision and Goals booklet here.