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820 Colonial Ave
Norfolk, VA, 23507
United States

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Super Seniors

Ascent:  Lessons from Seniors on the Path of Faith
by: Robin Cowherd

The congregation of First Presbyterian Church in Norfolk has a treasure in its senior members.  In particular, the “super-seniors” ages 85 and above who have lived nine and ten decades bring perspectives to living and to faith that can teach others.  

Ascent is our title for the inspiring stories shared by super-seniors with the congregation.   The word ascent is defined as “the act of rising up.”  Like the Psalms of Ascent which were sung by our early brothers and sisters as they ascended the road to Jerusalem for pilgrim festivals, these seniors have journeyed the long road of life with their faith as a compass.   

The project will give all our members a glimpse of the majesty of these individuals’ full lives that still proclaim the love of God.   

Meet some of our super-seniors!

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